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Help Someone Go for Gold with these 32 #Inspirational #Sports #Quotes

The ‘games people play’ and all the fantastic sports heroes they produce provide the world with riveting competition and entertainment. Watching sports people achieving greatness and seeing the Olympic torch as a symbol of peaceful competition tempts many people into trying a new sport. From the Olympics to the exciting Winter games to The Grand

Think Yourself Fit and Lean with these 27 #Fitness #Motivational #Quotes

Being creative about getting back into shape and becoming fit can remove the drudgery from what many people think of as chore. Yes, even getting off the couch and paying more attention to household chores such as sweeping can increase energy expenditure significantly. If you don’t like exercising, think of some of the activities you

Top 20 Funny Motivational Quotes

Our life is too much hectic and full of boredom. Isn’t it? Yes, it definitely is. It sometimes seems that the joys and excitement has ended. Life should be filled with entertainment as well, no matter how hectic your routine is or how much work you have to do. Sometimes we should accept what life