5 Benefits of Negative Content Suppression for Your Online Reputation Management

19 May

Online reputation management (ORM) refers to an attempt to influence the information that appears when people search for you online. There are many ways you can do this. Still, one of the most effective ways to improve your online reputation is by removing harmful content from the web, so it’s not even there in the first place for prospective customers, clients, investors, or employers to find and read. Negative content suppression means removing this damaging content from the internet and ensuring that it cannot be re-posted again. Here are the benefits of negative content suppression to help improve your ORM efforts.

1. Eliminating Negative Content Makes You Look Responsible

By ensuring your company and brand carry positive representation on your different online channels, you’re making yourself look responsible and considerate to current and potential customers. You might think that simply ignoring what people say about you or claiming it is untrue will prevent damage to your reputation. However, harmful content can appear more relevant by allowing it to thrive in search engine results.

If a user searches your name and nothing comes up, they may think there isn’t much information available on you! Professionals in online reputation management like DigitalOx Ltd know how important it is to ensure all search engines have access to positive content related to your business or personality. Consequently, when someone searches for something related to you or your company, they see what makes you grow! And with today’s digital marketing landscape being so competitive, any advantage you can get over competitors is worth taking.

2. Removing Negative Content Builds Trust with Your Audience

Removing damaging content can help prevent an online smear. The process is called negative content suppression. It involves legally reaching out to third-party websites that may have posted bad reviews or articles about you without your permission. In some cases, these sites won’t remove your content. However, an experienced online reputation management company will put strategies to suppress damaging content from appearing in search results when people search for your name or brand.

The strategy helps build trust with your audience because they know they can trust what they read about you on your website and other trusted sources. Building trust with your audience will improve your online and offline reputation and thus help you achieve your personal or business goals more quickly.

3. It Helps to Suppress Defamation and Disinformation

Negativity always trumps positivity. The more defamatory content is on a website, social network, or publication, the more it will adversely affect your brand’s reputation. A negative reputation can damage your company’s bottom line by decreasing profits and decreasing consumer trust in your brand. By removing defamatory content from search results, you help to protect your brand’s image online.

You don’t want negative information about your business popping up when people search for positive information about your business. So, if a website has posted false and malicious articles about you, contact a team of experts in online reputation management to help suppress defamation and disinformation, which will help you stay competitive in today’s world.

4. It Helps Repair a Damaged Reputation

Damaging content is a big part of online reputation management. To regain control over your online reputation, professionally suppress negative information from search engines and social media. You don’t have to pull off your brand or product out of existence. Instead, you can work with an agency that has experience handling a bad online reputation by implementing negative content suppression strategies on your behalf.

Such a strategy will give you time to repair, prevent further damage, and build backup trust with customers. By ensuring that any new posts about your company are favorable, you’ll also be able to get more eyes on those positive posts.

5. It Can Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO takes on a new meaning when you are managing your online reputation. A negative news story or image will cause you to fall off Google’s radar, potentially leading to an entirely new set of rankings in SERPs. If you have damaging content and want to improve your SEO ranking, it’s essential not to ignore it or cover it up with positive content. That is where content suppression comes into play.

By working with a reputable reputation management company, you can use their tools to suppress any harmful information about your business from appearing in search results. As long as they follow Google’s guidelines (which they do), your website should begin to see improvements right away!


Negative content suppression ensures that search engines, such as Google and Bing, do not surface results that contain negative information about you or your company. An experienced online reputation management team can help remove these damaging links from Google and Bing’s search index to prevent your name or business name from being associated with these harmful pages. Contact a professional online reputation management firm today if you believe you have a damaging link issue and wish to know how it could affect your online reputation. You will be glad you did! Your online reputation can speak louder than your CV and financial statements.