6 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

3 Feb

If you’re selling your home for the first time, then it can be overwhelming. There is a process before you get a buyer who will be willing to give you the money you expect. However, if you’ve good planning, it becomes easy, and you’ve higher chances of selling your home. DIY techniques may not apply for a first-time seller like you- otherwise, you may become frustrated. 

You’ll need an experienced realtor to help price your home correctly.

Following are some tips for the first time home buyers

Hire a reliable realtor

Unless you’re comfortable selling the home yourself, it’s recommended that you look for a trustworthy real estate agent who can handle logistics and negotiations for you. This is important, especially if it’s your first time selling a home. The realtor’s choice could make or break the deal, and therefore you have to get the best. Ask for referrals from and find out their success stories.

You want someone who can maximize your ROI on your home, and therefore, you’ve to go for someone great at marketing and local connections. 

Get a handyman to improve your home.

Before putting your home on the market, you’ve to ensure you’ve tied up loose ends. Is it repainting that you need to do? 

Or some open cracks that you need to seal? Get someone to fix such so that your home appeals to the prospects. Get a list of your handymen that can complete the work quickly and efficiently. Some of the improvements you need to improve your home’s value are walls repainting, patching the unsightly holes in the wall, installing some fixtures like light, re-grouting worn-out or dirty tiles, and much more. This will make your home appealing to the buyer and even give you more bargaining power. 

Get top-notch listing photos.

Most home buyers will list them online, which means they will see the photos first. Get professional-quality photos. That could bring the difference between a home with multiple offers and one with no traction. In fact, in a market that is saturated with buyers, you’ll have bids by people who haven’t visited. There are people who just need to see the photos and once they know what they’re looking for, then visiting for them is only necessary at the final stages of handover. Thus you should schedule a professional photographer who will get the best shots of the most attractive places in your home. 

House staging

When a home is staged appropriately, it is easy to sell. With home staging, you want to have the house appear as the buyer would wish. Once the buyer visits, they want to visualize themselves living in it. Thus you need to arrange the furniture nicely and leaving some adequate space. De-clutter the home to free as much space as possible. Remember, space sells more than any other thing, and therefore create as much as you can.

When preparing your home for selling, you must think of the best way you present it to appeal to the prospects. Get a professional mover like Sandhills Moving & Storage to help you clear and move some of the things you don’t need to your new home. Do everything in time so that you’ve the best appeal.