Backroom Packing Tips

7 Jan

 Moving a home or office is a thrilling experience; after all, we all yearn for change at some point in life. But, this is never without challenges. For instance, planning a move involves multiple steps and can be frustrating. You have to do things right, and packing is one of the tedious aspects of any move. Although you can always seek help, it’s tricky to pack some room. 

 A perfect example is a backroom, it may contain private and valuable items and documents, and you may want to pack all by yourself. Luckily, there are various ways to do this right. 

What packaging supplies do I need when packing for a move?

 You risk damaging your valuables if you use inappropriate packaging supplies. It’s advisable to acquire quality supplies, and you can get these from most stores. Buy them in advance or inquire if the moving company offers packaging services. This way, they will supply the right boxes and pack your items appropriately. 

Examples of packaging supplies required include;

  • Boxes
  • Marker pens/labels 
  • Plastic bags
  • Bubble cushioning& pads
  • Masking tape          
  • Plastic wraps
  • Toolset

 Here are tips to consider when packing your backroom: 

1. Sort your items

If you have many items in your room, you want to be organized and pack in an orderly manner. Put similar items together, and label your boxes accordingly. This way, it’ll be easy to know the contents in the boxes when unpacking. For instance, pack documents and files together, and have a separate box for clothing or footwear.

2. Declutter! 

Moving with unwanted stuff raises your moving costs. When you have too many items, you require additional packing boxes, which will add to your luggage. Why not sort your things and only pack what you need? Donate to charity, throw away or put up the items for sale. Fewer items will make it easy to pack and save time.

3. Labeling works!

Labeling your boxes goes a long way. It’s one of the tricks used by professional movers for easy identification during loading and offloading. By marking your boxes, you make it easy to know what’s in each box and load them in a certain way to ease offloading.

For excellent results, use a dark-colored marker and bigger fonts. Also, label fragile items to remind the movers to take additional precautions during the move. This way, you minimize confusion and the risk of breakages.

4. Get help

 You may want to pack everything by yourself, but this may take a lot of time. Although you can call friends and loved ones to help out, they may not have the necessary skills for the task. Therefore, consider engaging professional movers. They will help handle any bulky appliances and delicate items. Again, professional packers save time and help avoid costly damages.

A quick wrap up

Nowadays, packing and moving to a new place has never been easier. You can hire professional movers and move your items with ease. These companies offer different services and use proper packing supplies to ensure safety and avoid damaging your valuables during shipping. This ensures a hassle-free move, ad saves a lot of stress.