30 Oct

Even as Melbourne and Sidney compete for Australia’s top spot city, Brisbane is arguably the most liveable city in Australia. The many free and low-cost fitness and health programs offered by Brisbane’s city council make it the healthiest and fittest city in Australia. Today, many people in Australia face the fitness problem with everyone looking for one way or another to shed off some weight. The many health risks associated with body mass and lack of fitness are the primary reasons Australian residents are after healthy lifestyles. If you wonder why Brisbane is a healthy and fit city to be in, here are the reasons.

Brisbane health services

Every resident in Brisbane enjoys access to quality and excellent health services from public and private practitioners. There are many public and private facilities from general practitioners to dentists and other associated health care providers.

For instance, there is affordable dental care in Brisbane, whether you have a medical cover or not. Although Brisbane’s dental fees can vary from one practice to another, it is better to find a high-quality dentist Brisbane people trust. And the good thing is, it could be just within your neighborhood.

Brisbane health facilities and centers are world-class, with the public facilities receiving funding through Australian tax revenue. You can get free treatment in a public hospital, subsidized therapy by health care providers in general practice, and subsidies on some treatments by specialists such as dentists and optometrists. That makes Brisbane a healthy city to live in.

Active and healthy lifestyle program by Brisbane City Council

The Brisbane City Council has health and active lifestyle programs to encourage the residents to adopt healthy and active living. The programs offer a broad spectrum of physical activities and healthy eating opportunities for the residents, designed to present Brisbane residents with short term experiences of living active lives.

Consequently, the participators adopt healthy and active living throughout the rest of their lives. The programs further encourage the residents to participate in long term participation in such programs in the broader community. Some of these programs include active parks, 10,000 steps Brisbane, Gonewalking, Get wild, Black Diamonds, and Chillout.

These programs give the Brisbane residents a wide range of community activities to engage, focusing more on the parts of the society less likely to be practicing healthy lifestyle behavior. That can be people from specific population groups, such as low socioeconomic backgrounds, women, youth, seniors, and more indigenous groups. The popularity of these programs comes from the fact that they usually are free or low cost.

While emphasizing lifestyle health and fitness, it is worth considering Brisbane’s public health in regards to eateries and cafes. Many Brisbane cafes are the best on the East Coast due to their healthy, delectable top value dishes. From specialty coffees, healthy food combinations to green juices for keeping some of the lifestyle health conditions at bay.


Brisbane is one of the healthiest and fittest cities to live in. Active and healthy lifestyle programs encourage people to use Brisbane City Council’s free physical activity facilities. They create a sense of community, educate people on the environment, and the importance of active and healthy lifestyle practices such as walking, cycling, or catching public transport, which allows them to walk more.