Hiking Shoes That Look so Good You’ll Want To Wear Them Every Day

17 Apr


Bulky boots were once the only option to wear for hiking and were a cause of great difficulty for the hikers but now, gone are the days when hiking gear consisted of only bulky boots. Today with the transition in the world of fashion, lightweight hiking shoes and trail running shoes are being chosen by many as the most suitable option.

There are a great number of benefits that come along with owning a quality pair of hiking shoes. What makes these shoes great is that in addition to giving off a fashionable feel with their beautiful design, they provide generous support. It is important to get the best support from your shoes to avoid foot problems in the future.

These shoes provide great ankle support by limiting certain movements of your feet and making sure they don’t get damaged. While hiking, slipping can be dangerous. Only the hiking shoes that provide great resistance should be selected so you can traverse rocky terrain easily and safely.

However, now there are many different hiking shoes available that are fashionable enough to be worn casually on the street while also staying completely comfortable. Getting shoes that can be worn for various reasons is convenient for anyone who doesn’t have the time to pick and choose while they are on the go.

What Are The Hiking Shoes That Can Be Worn Daily?

The hiking shoes that can be worn daily are sometimes referred to by many people as “lifestyle shoes” to capture their versatility. By owning these multipurpose shoes that you can wear anywhere, you can find a great way to save money without going out of your comfort zone. Here we review some of the best hiking shoes we wear every day. 

You’ll notice that all of these are from Danner which is a premium brand with roots in the Pacific Northwest. Danner likes to combine rugged functionality with incredible and catchy designs, and we are completely in love with their men’s and women’s hiking shoes.

  1. Danner Men’s Trail 2650 Mesh 3″ Lifestyle Shoe:

The Trail Mesh 3 lifestyle shoe is great for men who are looking for a comfortable daily shoe that’s ready for an improvised adventure. It is crafted from lightweight mesh and textile and offers airy breathability for the feet, preventing several adverse conditions as well as reducing discomfort greatly.

The open-cell polyurethane footbed circulates and dissipates heat. Its reinforced external heel counter provides a lot of comfort and support for your feet. It uses the Vibram 460 degree outsole that gives a sturdy grip on the trail or the street so you’re able to walk safely and prevent any accidents from happening by slipping.

  1. Danner Women’s Caprine Low Lifestyle Shoe:

If you’re looking for women’s footgear that can provide a stylish look and adventure-ready comfort simultaneously, then look no further. The Danner women’s Caprine low-profile lifestyle boot is specially crafted for the fashionable ladies out there who want to rock their footwear wherever they go. 

Crafted from a blend of nubuck leather and textile, the shoe is great for ladies who love to set out for unexpected and long hikes, looking for new experiences. The waterproof and stain-proof DWR coated upper knit protects this shoe from water and spills, and the Ortholite footbed provides cushioning and support. Moreover, the Caprine outsole has Megagrip technology for gripping the road or the trail alike.

  1. Danner Men’s Caprine 4″ Lifestyle Hiking Shoe:

One thing that sets the Danner Men’s Caprine hiking shoe apart from the rest is the color choices. Trendy and fashionable, the shoes are a perfect blend of nubuck leather and breathable woven textile, which makes them durable without being stifling.

It has a Vibram sole that creates a great grip because of its strong indentations. With superior grip, the shoe’s outsole has low-profile lugs that provide traction on the mountain or the street. Additionally, the Ortholite footbed provides cushion and breathability to the feet on the go. In every way, the Danner Caprine is an excellent choice for spontaneous and outdoorsy men. 


As the technology progresses, the lines between hiking shoes and daily footwear may continue to diminish even more. There will come a time when people will opt for only one type of footwear for both daily wear and hiking trips as doing so is more convenient when it comes to saving both time and money.

This change is already beginning to happen. The shoes reviewed above are the best to be used for both daily wears as well as trekking trips. Next time you want to go for some stylish footwear that looks good and supports your feet well, keep the above options in mind. You can’t go wrong with these Danner lifestyle shoes that you’ll wear every day!