How to Choose High-Quality XLR Cable

3 Sep

Finding better quality xlr cables that will let you use your new gaming microphone, studio, or stereo system microphone is not easy work. Nevertheless, if you are determined, you will finally get what you are looking for. For you to get the best xlr cable, you will need to invest enough time into the researching process and read numerous guides online. This will offer you all the details you need to find the perfect cable for the job.

When it comes searching for high-quality xlr cables, here are some of the characteristics to look for:

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Cable Length

As you might already know, the length of a cable is one of the essential aspects of any cables, including xlr cables. If it’s cord is short, you won’t be able to connect it to the desired gadgets. You might have the best xlr cable, but what’s the meaning of having it if you cannot use it. xlr cables are available in a range of lengths, from a few inches to more than 100 feet. The length of a cable is an essential consideration for two major reasons. First, the cable must reach where you want it to reach. Even though a 6-inch xlr cable may be a perfect option for connecting a DI box to the mixer, it will not suit the needs of a musician, especially during a live rig.

Additionally, a longer xlr cable is more susceptible to dull tunes and also noise damage. So, it’s good for consumers to spend enough time contemplating what they want their xlr cables to do. Then, they can buy a cable that is slightly longer than the intended purpose. You also need to know that the connector interface tends to bring more notice than the cable. For this reason, daisy binding several shorter cables will have more coloration than using a single cable that fits the whole daisy chain.


Shielding is the one responsible for offering correct cable flexibility, durability, and noise cancellation. While it may not appear like that, insufficient cord protection will make the xlr cable vulnerable to hum and other noises that will destroy the entire audio experience. Due to this, you need to pay attention to the kind of shielding your preferred xlr cable has and what kind of protection it offers. With this, you are sure to get the best audio performance.


The price of xlr cables is another important factor to consider. Branded cables tend to be a more safe option. Nevertheless, there are many non-branded cables that offer exceptional performance and are cost-friendly at the same time. Essentially, never restrict yourself to well-known brands and get a cord that offers you the highest quality at a reasonable price.