New Year’s Resolution for Your Business

30 Nov

 Goals for Your Business 

  • Go green: With more concern over environmental issues, it’s not a bad idea to try and incorporate more sustainable habits in your business processes. Buying from vendors who ethically source their raw materials, cutting down on your packaging, and using energy efficient light bulbs in your stores have an unlimited amount of benefits. These benefits can be seen from minimizing your environmental footprint, attracting an untapped environmentally-friendly customer segment to lower your Columbia Gas bill.
  • Environmental footprints: Considering your organization’s carbon footprint and water footprint. It’s important to consider the effects of your product or service on the wider environment.
  • CSR Reporting: In an age where information is readily available at consumers’ fingertips, it’s vital to have a clean and transparent record of your corporate social responsibility trails for your stakeholders.
  • Recycling: In retail, your packaging can amount to a large amount of waste. Incorporating recycling bins into your waste processes to minimize wasted material and increase positive environmental impact.
  • Have an emotional attachment to your goal: One of the biggest causes of uncompleted or abandoned resolutions is the fact that you don’t really care about what you’re working towards. Making more money is a goal to set but linking this wealth to wider values of sustainability, family, and philanthropy will keep you motivated to do more throughout the year.
  • Give your employees an opportunity to shine: As a business owner and manager it’s easy to feel like you need to take on all of the responsibility but delegating work doesn’t mean less efficient processes. Not only do you get to relieve yourself from pressure so you can focus on higher value tasks, you employees may feel more motivated to work harder and prove themselves to work hard alongside the greater responsibility.

 Steps to Achieving Your Business Goals 

  • Hire technology to be your next employee: There’s always an app to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s personal or for business. Apps like adds a level of technological support to remind you to complete a task and hold you accountable for when you’re not feeling the most motivated.
  • Track your goals’ progress: How can you see how far you’ve come from if you don’t track your progress? Making a spreadsheet or having regular meetings that break down your teams’ weekly or monthly goals will help you stay organised and find what weak points may threaten you from reaching your goals.
  • Create a company’s support system: Although KPI’s are SMART goals to ensure you’re hitting targets, it’s important to consider how to manage motivations behind the achievements. By creating a company support system and scheduling regular team building activities, you can better understand what makes your employees happy and the factors that will help your customers work to a high standard.
  • Address when things aren’t working out: It takes around two to three month for a new behaviour to stick as a habit. Performing these tasks every day and being aware of what works and what doesn’t is important, so you can continue to operate in the most efficient way possible.
  • Reward your hard work: The more you make progress, the closer you get to your goal. However, you can’t expect to always work at 100% if you don’t take breaks to keep yourself motivated. Make sure to treat yourself and your team with days off once a goal is finished or take the team out for lunch to celebrate your wins.


Staying motivated throughout the year so you stick to your new year’s resolutions isn’t an easy feat. With the help of apps or taking extra steps with planning, you can increase the chances of improving your business processes by sticking to your goals