Should You Change the Locks on Your New Home?

25 Feb

More than all places in the world, a home is where you need to feel completely safe. While simple to overlook, it is vital to make sure that your locks don’t compromise your home’s security.

Although many unwelcome visitors might only want your valuable possessions, a break-in might still put your family at a greater risk. Locks in a home serve as the first line of defense against intruders, and changing them in your new home can come in handy for the following reasons:


Even though previous homeowners have handed over the keys, you might not be sure that those are the only spares or copies. You might not know how many copies previous owners have made and given to friends or family members in case of an emergency.

With this, it can be simple for anyone to break into your home with a space key you didn’t know existed. The concept of unknown strangers having access to the new house can be unsettling, and it would be thoughtful to feel safe until you know your keys are the only ones used.

Brand New Building

You might have bought a newly built house, but there could be a chance that the locks are master keyed. This is a common practice for most home builders.

Most home builders constructing many homes at once in one division have a common key, which they use to access multiple buildings. Professionals at Schroeder Moving Systems INC suggest that subcontractors can also have access to a master key, and to make sure your new house is secure and safe, you need to replace the locks before your move.


If a previous occupier or old workman burgles you, there is a chance that this action can invalidate your insurance claim. According to the Halifax Home Insurance survey, around 11.9 million individuals have lost their keys more than five times in the past ten years. The survey also suggests that these individuals had not changed their locks in their homes.

Many insurance companies will want to see evidence of forced entry before they act on your claim. Failing to change your new house’s locks could mean someone with old keys entering the home will not count as a forced entry.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you think that the current locks don’t actually accentuate your house as it needs to be, you have to change them right away. In this modern age and day, there are different locks, and for sure, you can easily get one, which will meet your needs.

Conversely, if you need to advance into a new smart home, locks should be one of the first things to change. Smart locks can allow you to control your house’s security systems with the help of a smartphone.

The Takeaway!

In most homes, security is the priority. For those purchasing a new house, keeping yourself safe from unwelcome visitors may offer you peace of mind.

While you might get a new key after your move, changing your locks can also be important. There are many risks, which come into buying a new house, and changing the locks is one way of dealing with the challenges.