The Best Jobs for People With ADHD

23 Jan

Dealing and coping with ADHD means different things at different ages and, for adults, it means finding the right job. ADHD is often divided into age groups as it effects each one differently, and this is closely related to the fact that ADHD is best managed by controlling environmental factors.

ADHD is not the type of condition that gets worse by becoming more painful or creating some bodily effect. It becomes worse when it interferes with everything a person must do in the course of a day – work, study, cook, maintain relationships, and so on.

It is, for this reason, there are some jobs that are simply better for people with ADHD. However, you do not always have the luxury of choosing exactly what job you want to do. Indeed, you might well have a passion for a career that is considered challenging for ADHD sufferers. This means more of a challenge, yes, but coping with ADHD is all about overcoming challenges, and many manage it every day.

Coping with Any Job

So, before getting on to some of the best jobs for people with ADHD, a point about how to cope with any job should be made. You can also consider the three age groups as split by the level of responsibility, with kids having the least and adults the most.

Regardless, the way to honor your commitments and to and manage anything at all is to plan carefully. Next Level Daily is a company that produces, among other things, an ADHD daily planner. They say that organizational tools are the best weapon in your arsenal; and you can find organizational tools designed specifically for those with ADHD. Make use of these, plan out all your tasks, and set realistic goals, and you can manage any job.

Best Jobs

Nevertheless, some jobs are simply easier for those with ADHD. Anyone with the condition knows that the main obstacle is to avoid becoming overwhelmed by responsibilities and tasks as well as to maintain the focus and concentration necessary to see to everyday tasks – and to hold down a job.

So, if your ideal job isn’t listed here, don’t be disheartened. But if it is, you will likely have an easier time.

Fast-Paced Working Environments

Fast-paced jobs might sound like they reside at the more stressful end of the spectrum, and they do. But for those with ADHD, rapidly changing thoughts are one of the main symptoms, and so too is restless energy. Channel this properly and a fast-paced working environment could be the job you need. Accordingly, you might want to consider a career in emergency response, retail, sport, or journalism.  

Highly Structured Careers

ADHD sufferers often struggle with procrastination, time wasting, and being unable to find the mental discipline to sit down and do something. But what if the job you are working on provides all of that for you? Highly structured working environments like bookkeeping, accounting, factory work, or data analysis will also provide you with that prod in the back to get one thing done and move on to the next.

Creative Professions

Those with ADHD are often considered idiosyncratic by nature, as managing the condition is often about finding your own way of doing things. Research has linked this to creativity, so a career in the arts or in crafts could be just what is needed.

What all of this shows us is that people with ADHD are actually good at some things, and often better at them than those without the condition. That thought alone should provide some comfort for those struggling.