Titles Gamers Can Expect for Sony’s New Generation Console

28 Aug

Everyone has their way of destressing and unwinding after a long day. Some lounge on their couches and binge-watch the latest Netflix show, while others religiously visit their go-to spas and waxing salons because beauty treatments help them feel relaxed and confident. Playing video games, though, is another popular and fun pastime to better cope with worries and adverse events.

A study published in the Journal of Media Psychology Theories Methods and Applications showed how video games were considered as “recovery experiences” by the majority of gamers. The effect is even stronger for participants who are emotion-focused and those with less social support. It’s no wonder then that video games are a multi-billion dollar industry, with many available platforms ranging from arcades and mobile phones to computers and consoles.

Sony’s PlayStation is one of the household names in the video game world, with its consoles selling millions of units every year. The company’s latest generation in the series, PlayStation 5 (PS5), is poised to follow, if not overtake, the sales of its predecessors. In preparation for the console’s release at the end of 2020, Sony hosted an hour-long digital showcase. The event gave viewers a sneak peek of the PS5’s hardware as well as the initial line-up of gorgeous games that can be played.

Here are some much-awaited titles gamers can add to their new library:

Horizon Forbidden West

Serving as a sequel to the best-selling Horizon Zero Dawn, this upcoming role-playing game continues the adventures of machine hunter protagonist Aloy. This time she journeys through the futuristic version of American states, namely California, Utah, and Nevada. Players can expect the same open-world gameplay as the previous installment with traps, weapons, and technology at their disposal to fight enemies. Though, developer Guerrilla Games promises a bigger map, more mysteries, and an underwater exploration feature for hours of entertainment.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Players will experience the story of Miles Morales, the latest superhero to don the Spider-Man mantle. His struggles and triumphs will be explored as he learns to master his new powers and become his version of the web-slinging hero. Creative director Brian Horton shared that the game will maximize the PS5 hardware for more detailed character models, realistic graphics, and instantaneous loading times. The game will be released during the holiday season, close to the launch of PS5.

Demon’s Souls

With numerous accolades and sales of over a million copies worldwide, it’s no wonder that this PlayStation classic — initially released in 2009 — is getting a remake for the PS5. Video game journalism website Eurogamer expects “everything from lighting and model quality to volumetric effects” will be enhanced in the remake. The game’s story will continue to hook players as they travel to kill powerful demons in hopes of liberating the different regions in the Boletaria kingdom. Despite the difficulty of Demon’s Souls, many reviewers laud its engaging combat system and innovative gameplay. Reaching the end of the game is all the sweeter due to the blood, sweat, and tears experienced to get through the punishing levels.

Gamers looking to destress through video games have a lot of titles to choose from. They can go for the exploratory Horizon Forbidden West, action-packed Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, or the rewarding Demon’s Souls.