Top Drinks for Concentration and Study

7 Sep

The most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world is caffeine. Millions of people worldwide consume this in the form of a cup of coffee, usually in the morning and with the express intention of banishing grogginess and improving concentration. It is too easy to get carried away into the world of high tech when talking about things like brain-enhancing beverages and nootropic substances – they already exist, and they have existed for centuries!

However, there has been a lot of development in this area. And for many, the crude boost (inevitably followed by a crash) that coffee offers just isn’t the optimal solution for getting through a challenging day when concentration is a must. There are indeed many health products marketed today that seek to provide energy and help you maintain focus.

These are well worth investigating – and they are certainly not all filled with alarmingly powerful medication. There are new chemicals being explored, yes, but many of the most innovative products for boosting concentration and focus are derived from natural ingredients and based firmly in nutrition.

The Importance of Nutrition

And speaking of nutrition, it is worth pointing out the importance of a good all-round diet for boosting concentration throughout the day. The potassium found inside bananas, for example, is amazingly effective for releasing energy steadily throughout the day and maintaining your concentration. And bananas certainly don’t count as some innovative new health product.

Truly, the best strategy for boosting your concentration in a sustainable way is to base your diet on foodstuffs and drinks that contain the nutrients which promote this. If you cover that base, you can then seek to optimize your daily concentration with the tactful use of some of the more innovative “health products”.

Top Brain-Boosting Drinks

However, we do now know more than ever before about how the brain maintains itself in a state of concentration. And there are indeed many new “brain-boosting” health drinksthat are well worth exploring. Here follows some of the most effective:

Green Smoothies

Starting with one product that shows many health products are simply optimized combinations of natural ingredients, the so-called green smoothie is one such product. Nevertheless, it is highly effective. The green color means that it contains many of the ingredientsthat are rich in vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and phytonutrients. The usual combination of these found within green smoothies are well known to be good for concentration.

Hydrogen Water

The brain’s optimal functioning relies on hydration. That means it needs H2O. However, not all waters are created equal. In fact, this has been one of the biggest areas of innovation and development within the health product market. Synergy Science, one such company developing products such as filtered water, say that for concentration, hydrogen water is particularly useful.

This is all to do with the extra hydrogen molecules it contains, which penetrate the blood brain barrier more efficiently on account of their smaller size. This in turn optimizes brain hydration. This is one of the more innovative products on the list, but it still contains purely natural ingredients – and it is still water.

Green Tea

Now on to a more traditional brain booster. Green teas are known to be especially rich in L-theanines (which are present also in other teas).These are known to be excellent for memory functioning. Replacing some of your daily cups of coffee with some cups of green tea could be a great move.

There is a lot of research behind these brain-boosting drinks, but every innovation only seems to prove that nature is best – you just need know how to use it.