What are the Gifts You Shouldn’t Give?

10 Jan

Buying gifts for other people might sound easy, but it is not always as simple as it sounds. What might be something that you would love could easily be seen as the worst gift ever by someone else. So, what makes for a good gift? And what are classed as some of the worst gifts that people have ever received. With this information, you could do better the next time you need to buy a gift for a friend or family member.


It might sound like a great idea to get a pet for a loved one for Christmas or a birthday, but a pet requires a long commitment, so you need to be sure that the recipient is prepared for this. All too often, people who get puppies or kittens for a special occasion find that they are completely unprepared. They then look to rehome the pet when things get tough.

Exercise Equipment or Clothing

Maybe you would love a new set of dumbbells or a treadmill, but that doesn’t mean your loved one will. In fact, buying something like this could result in it being taken the wrong way, with the recipient assuming that you are saying they need to lose weight.

Something that Was Previously Gifted to You

We are all for recycling, and regifting is not necessarily a bad thing. Unless, of course, you accidentally regift something to someone without realizing that the recipient was the one who had gifted it to you in the first place! If you are regifting, you need to be sure that you know who gave it to you.

Household Appliances

Buying a household appliance for a partner or spouse is a big no-no, unless you were specifically asked for it. Gifting something that involves work is not a gift. People who are given household appliances as gifts often do not feel appreciated by the giver, no matter how practical you think the gift is.

Cleaning Supplies

There are some people who love to buy all the newest cleaning products to make their home sparkly, but a hamper filled with the latest sprays and cleaning tools is unlikely to go down well.

Anti-Aging Products

The reason why anti-aging products are unlikely to be appreciated is pretty self-explanatory, particularly if you are buying this for a spouse or partner. It would indicate that you are unhappy with your loved one’s appearance; this then has the potential to be taken as an insult. A better gift would be a scented body lotion or some luxury hand cream. 

Gaudy Jewelry

Unless you know the person really well and what their style is, it is best to avoid buying jewelry. You could end up spending a small fortune on a piece that they will not wear. If you do want to buy a keepsake however, you could look at something like Project Honey Bee’s bee jewelry, which will look good on people of all ages. And best of all, this gift means that you will also be doing your bit for bee conservation as every sale means one queen bee adoption.


When buying a gift for a loved one, there are certain things that should be avoided at all costs. Some gifts might seem like a great idea because of how practical they are, but the receiver could either hate them at best or see them as an insult at worst. And remember, never, ever give a living animal as a gift. Animals need to be loved and cared for and careful planning should be given before even contemplating bringing one into your home.