What to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

8 Jul

Moving across the country is one of the more stressful experiences in life. It’s hard to pack up all your belongings and then move them into a new location, not knowing what you’ll find when you arrive. One way to make this process easier is by hiring a moving company. But before you hire any company, some questions need asking. This article will help answer these questions and hopefully make the process go smoothly!

Ask for Moving Company’s Estimate

A dependable moving company will take inventory of your belongings to make appropriate arrangements for everything. This can be done either in person or through a virtual survey, which could then lead to a company’s hiring. The estimator should be thorough, checking all your storage places such as closets, drawers, and garages.

Whether you are moving locally or across country, a detailed guide about cross country relocation is important. Along with that a mover’s estimate is mainly based on the weight of your belongings and how far they will travel. Ask for a thorough inventory estimate that you understand.

Avoid Deposits

Requesting moving services is a big decision, as it will tie up the movers for multiple days and times. Some moving companies might require a deposit. Your move may be considered significant if you are moving an 8-bedroom home or office building with 20 units. However, most movers do not require a deposit for smaller moves.

Hiring a moving company to relocate your standard-sized items shouldn’t require you to pay an unusually large sum upfront before the move. The deposit size is an issue to consider; some movers may require a large deposit upfront, whereas others might only ask for a small amount, and that’s fine. But most companies do not bill you until the job is completed. If your moving company asks for a large up-front deposit, it might be worth reconsidering before signing them on as your movers.

If you rely on a moving company for transportation, think about how much control you’ll have over the date and time of delivery.

Payment will encourage the company to deliver your belongings as soon as possible.

What Coverage Option Company Offers?

Moving coverage is insurance that protects the goods against breakage or property loss while they are in transit.

All professionals in the moving industry are required by law to provide basic liability insurance free of charge. This coverage insures your movers for $0.30 per pound for intrastate moves and $0.60 per pound for interstate moves.

Full-value protection covers your belongings for their current replacement cost. If your sofa falls off the truck on its way to you, your full value protection plan will reimburse you for up to 50% of the cost to replace it. However, full-value protection usually costs extra, so not every company offers it.

One thing to look for is the coverage provided and whether you require additional coverage too. One of the most important factors to consider before hiring a company is what type of coverage they offer.

Does Company have Any Hidden Fees?

Asking for an estimate from movers ahead of moving day can ensure the company won’t surprise you with any hidden fees once they’re loaded up. These fees often either aren’t adequately addressed in the contract or are misrepresented to cost more.

It’s unlikely that you will get an honest answer from a customer service representative. If a company is “hiding its fees,” then it probably directs its staff to hide them as well.

One way to ensure the moving company you hire is reputable and trustworthy, check customer reviews for feedback on surprise fees.

One of the best ways to inform yourself is by seeking out reviews from other customers. The majority of information online about moving companies is just the customer’s opinion. Often these opinions are written by disgruntled customers who had a bad day.

Listen to your friend’s advice, but don’t just take their review at face value. However, if your findings show a consensus on the business’ hidden fees, it is recommended to switch to another company.

Does Company Offer Shipment Tracking

Luckily, some moving companies offer shipment tracking so that you can be notified of any adjustments in your furniture’s status. Shipments are tracked in various ways, with some services offering GPS options and others just the ability to call and check up on progress.

Unfortunately, many companies offer this service, and some provide an inadequate service for their customers. It really should not be a deal-breaker, but shipment tracking is a relief when you are moving long distances.

Beware of Red Flags

When looking for a moving company, it’s essential to be cautious. It is unfortunate, but many professional moving companies will try to swindle you. One way to stay safe from moving fraud is by making sure that you ask the company for an estimate.

Red flags to look out for include:

They are not licensed or insured. Never hire a moving service company if it is not licensed. All states require packing licenses, but a few do not for local in-state moves. A company must go through a particular process to become licensed under the law. One of the most important questions to ask a moving company before you sign anything is whether they offer insurance. To ensure that you receive the value of your possessions, it is essential to verify that the moving company includes liability coverage in its rates and charges.

Blank Moving Contract. Never sign a blank contract. Having an incomplete form can mean money lost or services not provided. Write everything down before signing any contract. Ensure that the bill includes your pick-up and delivery dates before you finalize your move. Before hiring a moving company, you should read through your contract; make sure no important belongings were left out. Once a mover has been selected, be sure to pay close attention during the inventory process.

Low-Ball Estimates. One of the most significant scams in the moving industry is negotiating a way-too-low estimate. The price that the company quoted was so low that it seemed too good to be true. Most people are unaware of the risks of a deceptive moving company when they enlist their services.


Moving is hard. The good news is that there are plenty of moving companies out there who can help you get from point A to point B without breaking your back or the bank! It’s important to ask all the right questions before hiring a company and make sure they’re equipped for what you need, so don’t settle for anything less than perfect. Ask about their experience with local moves, long-distance moves, storage solutions, packing services – it doesn’t hurt to ask if they offer discounts on bulk move orders either (depending on how many items you have). Make sure to find an estimate in advance so that when movers show up at your doorstep asking for payment upfront, you know exactly what they’ll be charging.