How to break free from the screen

7 Oct

The Rise Of Technology

Throughout this global pandemic, people have become quite resilient. It is evident in the way we are moving forward and continuing with our daily living. School has transformed into a digital classroom that is readily accessible from a laptop or tablet right in your own home. Work is also being performed in the same manner.

Many employers insist that their employees stay at home and work to keep the business running smoothly while not compromising their dutiful workers’ health.

We already knew we’re were entering a phase of extended technology use. Video games, books, fitness activities, and many more daily activities have already been performed on smart devices. Over the past year, the changes in health and wellness have drastically increased the usage of technology by nearly everyone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

There are many advantages to using technology. Users can work on platforms they never once dreamed possible, and children are learning how tech works at even younger ages than the previous generations. There are a few disadvantages to the rise in technology. The first is the impact that all this tech use is having on our utility bills. Many people have noticed an increased usage of service. A low-cost utility provider such as Peco can help consumers understand their bills and save more money while they are at home. Adults and children alike are using technology to get work done. Still, they are also using more electricity for lights and appliances while they are home doing schoolwork or regular work.

Besides the rise in utility bills, many homeowners also have noted that a significant disadvantage of the rise in technology is that they never genuinely feel disconnected. Many people are staying on tech devices longer than ever before. They experience more headaches and tech eyes. They feel like their work and home balance is entirely in turmoil because home does not work, and there is no actual break away from the office.

You might be wondering how to break free from the screen during this time of extended digital use? The primary component that everyone must utilize is the fact that they must set boundaries. To feel a life and work balance, a schedule and boundaries must be in place. If you would not be answering work calls and working on work projects at 7 pm while at a physical office, you should not be doing this from home. If you would not be working on school assignments at 6 am during a typical school year, you should not be doing that this year.

Tips on Breaking Free From The Screen

Make sure you set boundaries and make time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. It is essential to take at least a break to stand on a patio or walk around the block every day. This will promote oxygenation of the blood and keep you feeling more balanced. While this is a significant first step in breaking away from the screen, you also should incorporate exercise and time off the screen with friends and family to feel a bit more relaxed and to give your eyes a break from all that ample screen time.

Establishing these ground rules and making time for self-care will keep you feeling more balanced and ready to tackle any of the projects that work or school throws you the way. Your eyes will feel more focused, and your headaches will be decreased. Building in personal relationships is far better emotionally and mentally than only experiencing online and often disconnected digital relationships. Exercise, time with family and friends, and some fresh air will all help you to break free from the screen.